About Us

As a child I was surrounded by many talented women. Both of my grandmothers were sewing and cooking artists. My Aunt Charlotte was keen on knitting and crocheting, but her true gift was sewing, as well as showing patience with her niece. My mother? Well she could do anything she set her mind to, especially if it was making something for her grandchildren. The men were crafters too, usually working with wood or tinkering with something.
As a youngster I couldn’t sew a button on. Lucky for me my soul sister, Janice McCoy Jones, finished my Home Economics sewing project so I wouldn’t fail. All of the talents possessed by my family seemed to have been gifted to my sister, the quilter. I was the black sheep of this crafting family.
Growing up my brother was always my confidant, my friend, my thump on the ear when I needed it. He was also a pain in the rump and hard headed. However, his love for and desire to help children truly knew no bounds. My brother would play Santa Clause and buy toys for those he knew would not receive any, even if that meant a bill or two might be late.
In late 2010 we lost my brother, Scott Palmer, at the young age of 46. I needed to find a happy place. I started a few embroidery projects. Then a few more. Then sewing. Then vinyl, paper crafting, and tumblers. I found that I indeed had that crafty trait that my family possessed. I longed to carry that forward and I found solace in crafting.
To my surprise, I actually had folks that wanted to buy my pretties, but I truly just couldn’t see profiting from the joy I received from making them. I just wanted to bring a few smiles to my family and friends with my unique gifts that brought me so much joy to make.
My husband, Darren, and I have been able to continue Scott’s legacy of generosity over the years, but we want to do more to honor my brother. We have decided to raise money for three children’s charities by selling products to the public. Each of these has special meaning to us and we know Scott would give us that “do it” nod. Our goal is simple: at the end of 2020 we will profit no more than $100 from our efforts in selling our hand crafted items. Yes, read that again. This venture is strictly about getting more funds to those that can help children in a variety of ways and honor my brothers love of children.
Sadly, a classmate of mine lost her son at the age of 7 to a brain tumor. This was the first charity that we supported after Scott passed away. Therefore, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation will be a preferred charity for Nana’s Tree House.
My husband was raised in Daingerfield, Texas. We know that educators need help getting the right resources to assist in our children’s education. For this reason, the Daingerfield Teachers Alumni Association will be a preferred charity as well.
And the last one speaks for itself. We lost our nephew Garrett Jones in a tragic accident in March, 2018. An annual scholarship fund has been established and we will continue to support it as our third children’s charity.
I will update on our Facebook page as donations are sent. I hope this gives you an understanding of what Nana’s Tree House is about.